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Keeping Feet Naturally Healthy: A Podiatry Blog

When I worked as a volunteer in a nursing home, I always worried so much about the residents' feet. Many of them had cracked, dry feet, and some of them had nerve issues, back pain due to feet issues and excessive swelling. In many cases, they waited so long to get care from a podiatrist that their feet were in a terrible state by the time they got help. I started to take care of their feet before they got too hurt, and while doing so I learned many natural care tips as well as when to call for help from a podiatrist. If you are an elder, work with elders or have general concerns about feet and podiatry, this blog is for you. Hi, my name is Opal, and I want to welcome you to this blog!

How to Look After Your Feet During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your body will be going through a lot of changes. Most people focus on the obvious changes in your belly area, but growing another life inside of you will affect pretty much every part of your body, and particularly your feet and ankles. When you are carrying so much extra weight, it is inevitable that it will have some effect on the parts of the body that bear that weight as you walk around. So what things can you do to keep your feet and ankles healthy during pregnancy?

Elevate your feet when possible

Many foot problems that occur during pregnancy do so because pregnancy affects the circulation of blood and you could have more blood accumulating in the lower parts of your body. One simple way to prevent this is to elevate your feet. So when you are watching television at home, make sure that you have a stool in front of you instead of simply resting them on the floor.

Take regular breaks from being seated

Although you want your feet elevated, you certainly don't want to be lying or sitting down all the time as this can also mess with circulation to the lower part of the body. This can be a big problem for women who continue to work in office jobs during their pregnancy and are often seated for long periods of time. Be sure to take regular breaks for light exercise.

Have a relaxing foot bath

Although you shouldn't use jacuzzis during pregnancy, foot baths are just fine. In fact, they can be a very good thing for your feet and ankles. Foot soaks will manage tension and alleviate any swelling you experience. You can simply use warm water and your favourite essential oil, but adding Epsom salts can also be a good idea because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Schedule appointments with a podiatrist

Who better to look after the feet of a pregnant woman than a foot specialist? Far too few women book appointments with podiatrists during their pregnancies, but the reality is that you have to use your feet from day 1 to the final day of your pregnancy, so this is a worthwhile investment. A podiatrist will be able to share exercises that improve circulation, recommend certain types of foot massage and suggest things like certain compression socks that improve circulation also. Of course, if you have any particular onset of pain, a podiatrist can help with this as well.