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Keeping Feet Naturally Healthy: A Podiatry Blog

When I worked as a volunteer in a nursing home, I always worried so much about the residents' feet. Many of them had cracked, dry feet, and some of them had nerve issues, back pain due to feet issues and excessive swelling. In many cases, they waited so long to get care from a podiatrist that their feet were in a terrible state by the time they got help. I started to take care of their feet before they got too hurt, and while doing so I learned many natural care tips as well as when to call for help from a podiatrist. If you are an elder, work with elders or have general concerns about feet and podiatry, this blog is for you. Hi, my name is Opal, and I want to welcome you to this blog!

Why Some Sports People May Be at Risk of Developing a Specific Condition

If you're an active sportsperson, you may have noticed some unusual issues of late after you've gone through a period of considerable exertion. For example, you may have felt that your legs were particularly heavy or noticed a burning sensation in the calves, thighs or feet. Does this just mean that you've been doing too much, or could it be signs of an emerging condition? Unusual Symptoms All athletes will go through periods of pain and discomfort as they seek to push themselves and get better at their chosen sport. Read More